Your Higher Self

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Your Higher Self

To begin changing your view of any unwanted situation, the first question to ask yourself is, “How does God see it?” When you see through God’s eyes, everything is whole, pure and perfect. There is no chaos. It’s all in order. There’s no darkness. Your manifestation of dis-ease is “in order” you’ve manifested it so that you can grow spiritually and deal with a “life lesson”. It is perfection that you have this “issue” so that you can learn from it, grow and move forward. God sees everything in order, and is at peace with it. It’s God’s plan, not yours. So, God looks down and says, “Oh, there’s so-and-so, and he’s threatened with a medical issue, and how much pain and suffering will the person go through before they change the view of the situation(s) that challenged their peace?”

You need to look and ask yourself, “is it forgiveness? Am I trying to get attention? Am I trying to get priority on another person’s chart? Am I trying to gain control over a situation?” These are all benefits of disease. Remember, when you are a child and you have a medical issue, and you stay home from school and you get special treatment, special attention, love, you do not have to go to school, and people listen to every little thing you ask for. You don’t forget that, and believe it or not, there’s a benefit to disease. You’ve calculated this benefit, and people actually manifest disease for the benefit. It is done unconsciously, because I doubt they want to do it consciously, but it does appear.

So, you need to turn it around and say, “Well, how does God view this? What’s the message? Is it forgiveness? Do I need to surrender? Maybe I don’t need to carry the world. It’s not my world to carry.” And, at all cost, you need to bring it to your awareness. You need to understand that you are dealing with a life lesson. You need to get the lesson right away and change the view of it. If it requires action, do it. Take really big steps to address the situation. With life lessons, the suffering will repeat and increase until you learn “the lesson.” Learn the lesson right now in this lifetime and end the repeating suffering.

Dr. Mark W. Tong is the founder of Healing International, LLC, Founder of Crystal Bay Hotel, an author, lecturer, and a leading expert on incorporating the power of the “Mind” and “Spirit”.