Dr. Mark Tong has developed a “Process” to identify the “Life Lessons” that each individual is dealing with.

We are all here learning and dealing with life lessons. The challenge with these lessons is having the awareness of what these lessons are and what is needed to complete them.

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We offer alternative methods to heal the Mind and Spirit for wellness and wholeness. The process was discovered by Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Dr. Mark W. Tong, while working with Stage IV Cancer Patients.

Dodge Divorce | Now You Can Dodge The D’ Word And Enhance Your Current Relationship.

Dodge Divorce offers A Life Changing Online Course With A Universal Approach To Heal Your Relationship.

Crystal Bay Hotel: Just steps away from St. Petersburg’s famous Boca Ciega Bay sits Crystal Bay Historic Bed & Breakfast Hotel, a masterfully restored, historic haven.

This iconic 1915 landmark once accommodated applauded names like Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy. Crystal Bay Hotel is a 1915 historic resort hotel that overlooks beautiful Boca Ciega Bay and has been lovingly restored.  Step back a century into the timeless elegance of this classic grand hotel of yesteryear Florida.

Corporate Wellness |The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Lower Your Health Care Cost. By: Dr. Mark W. Tong

The Guide will give you a play-by-play plan for starting your business, finding your leads, and turning curious prospects into paying customers.

Unlocking The Mind is a process to “Heal The Mind First” in healing and wellness, by identifying emotional events that one may experience and other ways of “seeing” the events to bring Peace.

Often these “perspectives” are shared with family, friends and coworkers who may be dealing with an emotional event… Read More

Prevent Cancer reveals the main contributor to what causes cancer in patients and more importantly how you can prevent cancer.

Many believe that diet, environmental conditions or genetics play a contributing role in cancer.  Read More