First Symptom

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First Symptom

In working with patients and clients, I’ve noticed there’s time between first symptom and notifying a doctor of the symptom and that time varies. I’m not telling you not to see a doctor, but I’m telling you, in that time in which you notice or bring awareness or consciousness to the first symptom, real or unreal, when you first get a thought that, “Houston, there may be a problem,” at that first thought, here’s what I want you to do, and it’s very important.
First of all, I want you to do nothing. I do not want you to go on the Internet and research anything. I do not want you to think that it’s anything. I don’t want you to tell anyone. I certainly don’t want you to label it. I want you to consider it that it is nothing. If you give it no thought, it’s nothing.

Everything on this planet, or in this Universe or in this realm is nothing until you give it thought. If you give it no thought, it’s nothing. If it’s nothing, it cannot harm you. You don’t give it any power. There’s only one power and that’s God. So, there cannot be any power in this symptom, this condition, or whatever it is that brought it to a conscious awareness.

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to find somewhere nice and quiet. I want you to set aside a spot, either sitting in a chair or on the floor with a pillow, and I want you to get super quiet and I want you to ask yourself these million-dollar questions: What exactly is going on in my life right now? What is taking my peace away?

If you still don’t know, reflect on your family, because here is the way it works for wellness. It’s either in the family or outside of the family or both. It’s that simple. So it is one or the other or both. You need to reflect. If it’s outside of the family, is it your workplace? Is it the government? National finances? Things you hear
about on the news that you should not be watching? Are you carrying the world?

What are your angers, frustrations, regrets, remorse, chaos, and dislikes that might have recently occurred?

Here’s another question. What change has occurred? If it’s in your workplace, is it a cultural change? You’ve got a new CEO? Do you have new policies in your workplace? New owner? Did you read or hear about something that’s happening nationally or globally that you’re not at peace with? Has somebody moved into your house? Has somebody moved out of your house? Are there any issues of betrayal, real or unreal? Is there acting up child or adult? Or, has this child or adult done something to you deep down that you disapprove of? It might be a relationship your child is in, might be your child’s career path, and might be something they did that you’re not proud of. You need to figure out if there was an event or series of events that you decided on and choose to take your peace away bringing forth the manifestation of the symptom.

If something has not changed, then your “view” of something” (view of a person(s), an event(s) or yourself) has changed.

Once you find this condition, this event, this series of events, whatever it is, you still have only three options, you can accept it, change it, or avoid it. Whatever it is it’s not more important than your health.

You still do not know…?

If you don’t know what is causing the dis-ease, ask God. “God, show me what I need to see.” Well, whatever it is, once it’s brought to your awareness, you need to do something about it immediately, right here, right now, at any cost. Don’t let, for example, a family situation shift from peaceful to something negative, which causes the manifestation of dis-ease. Change it, accept it, or avoid it at all cost…just don’t let it manifest!

Dr. Mark W. Tong is the founder of Healing International, LLC, Founder of Crystal Bay Hotel, an author, lecturer, and a leading expert on incorporating the power of the “Mind” and “Spirit”.