Benefit of Dis-ease

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Benefit of Dis-ease

Unfortunately, and I see this a lot, a benefit of dis-ease is to get another person’s attention so they change. You have a choice. Right now, you’re at a point where if you get them to change or you can accept them, or you totally avoid them, (either you move or they move), then there is no reason, no benefit for the disease. Because, if somebody moves into your home or somebody moves out, and you are not at peace, (whatever the story is), your body says, or unconsciously says, “This is a benefit. This disease has a benefit.”

For wellness you must take the benefit away immediately. Again, you don’t tell anybody. You don’t look it up on the Internet. This isn’t what it’s about. You need to change your view of the situation so you are at peace at all cost. There is nothing more important. It doesn’t matter if you offend someone or if it costs money. It is a cheap investment compared to what you’re going to pay physically and financially by not addressing it immediately and allowing it to manifest into an issue. Pay now or pay more later.

I do have patients that have family members or extended family members move into their house. I even had a master teacher, who was thinking of allowing a family member to move in. In that case I said “Don’t allow it, do not allow it at any cost.” Reach into your pocket and rent them an apartment somewhere else. Do whatever it takes, but you need to obtain peace.

Dr. Mark W. Tong is the founder of Healing International, LLC, Founder of Crystal Bay Hotel, an author, lecturer, and a leading expert on incorporating the power of the “Mind” and “Spirit”.